“Oolong tea” feel light and calm

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Get to know one of the most talked about alternative beverages for health lovers, ‘Oolong Tea’. Look at the great benefits like ‘OTPP’ to help you feel light and calm. The amount is reasonable and good for health.

Today’s way of life in which people are busy making a living. And hurry to keep pace with the rapidly changing world Until sometimes they may not have time to take care of their health. And unknowingly tension arises It became a demand for people to pay more attention to physical health. One of the widespread trends Is the right exercise flow And eat good food together ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

Nowadays, Thai people are becoming aware of the selection of nutritious food. Including healthy drinks, drinking “tea” a drink that is known for its health has been widely popular. And one of the most talk about choices is oolong tea, a semi-fermented tea that has been partially ferment, giving it a unique color, aroma and flavor. By this unique fermentation process. It also makes Oolong tea rich in many benefits that will help the busy day of the modern generation to turn into a light, comfortable and healthy day.

‘Light body’ with OTPP (OTPP)

Oolong Tea polymerize-polyphenols  The natural polyphenol that is found in only one type of oolong tea. OTPP that makes it special and different from other tea. Cause by the process of processing tea leaves under a semi-fermentation is to dry. The tea leaves with sunlight to dehydrate the tea leaves. After that, it is dry in the shade under temperature and humidity control, call “partial fermentation” to allow oxidation. 

According to several scientific studies. It is found that drinking Oolong tea with OTPP can reduce fat absorption. By inhibiting the function of the enzyme lipase (Lipase) that is responsible for the breakdown of fats and absorbed into the body. Make the fat less absorbed into the body. From the experiment it is found that The participants who drank it for 3 consecutive days had less fat absorption into the bloodstream. 

Increased fat excreted in the feces Including having a smaller waist circumference. More importantly, this special brewing process gives Oolong tea a rich flavor unlike any other tea. And can help cure greasy from eating lean meats Oolong tea is consider. A companion drink for those who like to eat greasy food. Very much